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Retail Crime: It costs us all...

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The NRA SafeCity Network aims to reduce retail crime by:
  • sharing knowledge, experience and insight between retailers – large and small
  • introducing a crime-reporting platform which provides meaningful insight to inform retailers
  • helping law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute repeat offenders by providing real-time, actionable data

What’s in it for your business? 

All participating retailers will receive:
  • free crime alerts and reports on trends in the Brisbane City and Fortitude Valley area to help you be better prepared and informed;
  • free access to the NRA SafeCity Network web portal which brings together helpful resources on managing retail crime from across Australia;
  • free access to a range of crime-reporting platforms, including a dedicated CrimeStoppers Retail Crime Hotline;
  • the opportunity to collaborate with similar businesses to learn from shared experiences of retail crime via workshops and meet-up groups; and
  • the opportunity to improve profitability by taking action against the costs of crime on your business.
Retailers who experience a large volume of reportable crime will also gain access to a free 12 month trial of Auror, an online reporting software used by some of the largest retailers in Australia and New Zealand.

The NRA SafeCity Network is a 12 month trial program commencing 1 March 2018.

Who is eligible?
  • The NRA SafeCity Network trial is free to all retailers with at least one store in Brisbane City or Fortitude Valley.
  • You must be employed in a retail business. Other interested parties should contact David Stout at
  • You do not need to be an NRA member to join.
Have questions about the program? 
Contact David Stout, Manager Policy at or 1800 RETAIL.

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